September – Week 4 – Retaining wall/pier footings, more painting & a Koi pond

As promised, here we are outside and working on some of the ‘hardscape’ items.

September – Week 3 – Hardwood flooring & stairs finished, more brick, paint, and even more sitework

Interior work is about to really start moving forward and with the walls and ceilings primed, we decided to move forward with . . .

September – Week 2 – Interior trim, built-in’s, caulking for paint, and more dirt work

The week started out on an exciting note – the stone subcontractor was by to create templates for all the countertops!

September – Week 1 – Tile going in, heated floor system, driveway pavers, and moving more dirt

We were excited to see the tile guys out and finally getting started with all the selections that we have made.

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