April – Week 4 – Basement furring/insulation, Kitchen window, & sound insulation

I mentioned last week that we were going to have to do a couple of things in the basement to meet the current building code which weren’t required by the code 35 years ago.

April – Week 3 – More thin brick, other random projects

We were determined to finish up the brick cutting this week.

April – Week 2 – Eyebrow, front & back roofs, upper siding, & making some thin brick

The framing crew that put up the Front Porch was back this week to work on the other porch structures.

April – Week 1 – Front Porch roof, new brick, and Eyebrow for Garage doors

A lot to recap for this week – starting with the roof framing for the Front Porch.

March – Week 5 – Framing the Front Porch!

We are finally ready to take all the beams that Dave cut for us (See February – Week 4) and get them up into place!

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