October – Week 4 – Outside work this week – railings, patio, stream/waterfall, pavers & stone, and finally some plants!

As predicted, most of progress this week was made on the outside – starting with the front porch rails.

October – Week 3 – Colonnade, doors, lights, plumbing, tile, appliances, railings, deck, pavers, and more of the pond

Viktor and his crew was back this week to do a little more on the interior trim and built-ins.

October – Week 2 – Back on the inside . . . built-ins, doors & windows and tile . . . as well as outside on the porch, deck, pavers, gutters & more at the pond

We were very excited to see Viktor and his crew back this week to install the new colonnade . . .

October – Week 1 – too much to keep up with!

Work continued on the back Deck this week. Once the decking was all in place, it was time to . . .

September – Week 5 – Inside painting & countertops, Garage doors, retaining wall, deck, & pond wall

Back inside, the painter has been busy putting some color on the walls.

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