February – Week 4 – Crafting the Porch Beams and Corbels

This week we are continuing with Dave’s description of the process to create the timber beams and corbels for the Front Porch and Eyebrow Roof over the Garage doors.

February – Week 3 – Crafting the Bargeboards and Brackets

Peek Design Group is made up of a very unique combination of very talented folks with a wide range of skills.

February – Week 2 – Final brick demo

We didn’t quite finish the brick demo last week. Strangely enough the sun seems to be on a regular schedule and we weren’t able to delay the darkness.

February – Week 1 – Shingles on, brick off

With the giant hurdle of getting the brackets and bargeboards up, we were finally ready to get some shingles on the roof.

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