June – Week 4 – Grading, deliveries, digging & getting stuck!

Not much visible progress this week, but a lot of preparation to get ready for a flurry of activity next week!

June – Week 3 – Drywall finished, cast-stone, bargeboards, grading & cleaning . . . whew!

Once the drywall is installed and mudded, it needs a bit of time to dry, and then it is ready for sanding/finishing.

June – Week 2 – Making cast-stone caps & reworking Front Porch bargeboards

Many ‘Craftsman’ houses have porch columns that are half masonry and then have a short tapered column on top.

June – Week 1 – Drywall installed and finishing up final brick details

Knowing that the drywall was coming on Wednesday – we set off to complete some little things to prepare for its arrival.

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