We’re Dale and Stephanye Peek

July 22, 2015

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We’re Dale and Stephanye Peek. We moved to 637 Polk in 1980. Our sons, Jonathan and Joshua were born in 1985 and 1990 and grew up in here. Stephanye recently retired from teaching PE in Cobb County schools. We love our neighborhood, Applewood, and we love our home which is within walking distance from the Marietta Square. That’s why we’re renovating it – we’re committed to staying in our wonderful Marietta neighborhood, just with a fresh new look to the house.

After living here for 35 years, we chose to not just renovate our home, but to reimagine it in the Craftsman style associated with the early 20th century. Dale is an architect, and he is known for his Craftsman-inspired designs of contemporary homes. Because the house is structurally similar to Craftsman homes, he was inspired to renovate our home in his specialty style.

As we reimagine our home, we have named it The Pond House. This name was inspired by the cattail stained glass window that has been designed for us, as well as the name of one of our favorite restaurants down near Bainbridge, Georgia where Stephanye grew up. There will be cattail-inspired elements throughout the property in addition to the stained glass window, including cattail-like designs in the railings, and a water feature that will be part of the back yard’s landscape architecture.

We hope this renovation inspires people to reimagine their own homes. We’ll be keeping you posted on our progress, and we’d love to hear from you if you have questions or if you’ve got feedback on our project.

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