March – Week 4 – Brick selection almost there, and 4″ siding installed

March 26, 2016

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Now that we have the foundation drain installed and the block up and ready to support the brick, the pressure is on to make a brick selection.  We’ve looked at hundreds of houses and photos trying to decide what would be appropriate for the period and have reached the conclusion that the brick options from the 1920 were just about as diverse and numerous as they are today.  So we’ve decided to select a brick that works well with our color scheme and concentrate more on the mortar joint design to make it look like an older home.


We narrowed it down to 2 options and our brick supplier sent us enough brick of each one so that we could have the mason put together 2 sample panels to choose from.


This first option is called ‘Wake Manor’.  The mortar that we’ve selected is ‘Shelby Tan’.


The second option is called ‘St. Louis.  The mason put up these two panels along the front of the house for us to view and we’re getting closer to deciding which will be best.


In the meantime, the siding for the upper part of the house was delivered and the crew was back and made quick work of installing it.


Just about all the siding is now on the house.  We’ve left it off where the front porch will go.  It will be better to finish it up after the beams and facade are installed.


Here’s the view from the back/left side.  Soon to come will be the back porch roof and stoop roof above the two doors you see here.


Here’s the back view.  The color differences are just how the siding was primed from the factory.  There’s no paint yet.


Above is the view from the back of our property.  the Azleas and Oakleaf Hydrangeas are starting to leaf-out.  Spring is here!

DSC_0012And here is the back-right corner – still missing the lower siding above the garage doors because we need to get the ‘Eyebrow Roof’ built so the siding can tie into it.

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